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Mittwoch, 12. Januar 2011


I LOVE/ACCEPT you as you are, as the one who searches his/her own individual way to get in relation with the world. I respect your decision to learn like it´s felt comfortable for you.

I KNOW that it is important, that you are the one you d´like to be, and not like me or another one think you have to be. I´m aware that I don´t know whats the best for you, whether i believe to know it sometimes. I´m not standing on your place and don´t experience life as you do. I don´t know what you d´like to learn, how you d´like to learn it, with which one and at which time. I couldn´t see your life through your eyes, how should i know what you need?

I ALLOW you to be in this world without judgement of your actions through thoughts and words. I don´t find any mistake in what you speak and do. From my perspective i recognize, that there are many kinds to experience and become aware of the different facets of our world. Without conditions i tolerate all of your decisions you may choose in every moment. I don´t judge them, cause when i force you to give up your right of advancement, then i would do it the same way for me and for others, too.

THOSE PEOPLE that may choose a way i don´t like to go and i don´t want to offer my power and energy, i will never revoke the gift of Love, that is imputed to my heart from God to the whole Creation. In the way i love you, will i be loved. I´ll reap what i sow.

I ADMIT you the universal right of the free will, to follow your own path, to advance or to have rest for a while, if it feels right for you. I will not judge about if the steps you climb, be small or large, easy or difficult and goes upward or downward, cause i got only my own view.

I MAY THINK you are doing nothing and you are unworthy but it could be still possible that you will bring much healing, by being blessed through the light of God, just standing there. I couldn´t always recognize the whole picture of the divine order.

BECAUSE IT IS the indefeasible right of all life, to have the choice of the own development, and with great Love i respect your right to choose your own future. In humbleness i bend to the percepetion, that the path i believe is the best for me, not even might be the best for you, too. I know that you are guided from the great I AM presence and follow your own rapture, that let you recognize your own path.

I KNOW that the multitude of Nations, peoples, religions, customs and believe-systems in our world are treasures. We could use the great variety to learn. I know that each of us learns of his/her individual way, to win wisdom and love for whole mankind. If there would be only one possibility to experience, there would be only one human.

I WILL not only love you when you are acting like i felt comfortable with, or believe in things that i believe. I truly know that you are my brother or sister, even when you are born at another place and believe in another God.

THE LOVE i feel, applys to every living Being in Gods World. I know that every Creature is a part of God, and i sense Love for every human, every animal, every tree and every flower, every bird, every river and every sea and for all creation in this World.

I LIVE my life in the loving purpose and will give the best i will be able. So i´m getting wiser in my perfection of divine truth and lucky in the joy of unconditional Love.

von Star Seed

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