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Montag, 10. Januar 2011

New Year Message from St Germain

From St Germain:

Advice for the New Year

[Excerpt of a message through Antera on January 3, 2011.]

2011! This is going to be a year of great changes! And I have a few words of advice for everyone to help you ride through this year in the easiest way possible.

Two things are most important, I believe, for this year. The first is BALANCE. It will be a challenge and a joy to find balance in every area of your life this year. Anywhere you find yourself out of balance, bring in whatever energies you need, make whatever changes you need, to bring your balance back.

Remember, you live in a world of duality, of opposites, so to find balance means to let go of any extremes you have in your lives -- any extremes, no matter what they are -- bringing them back to the center, the place of balance. This is the highest path.

Yes, there are times when you need to go out on a limb, to take on an extreme stance. But if you do that this year, you may find that it puts you far out of balance! And it is a much smoother path to take the place of centeredness and find the balance point between the opposites, between the two extremes in every area of your life. All the issues that come up in your life this year are probably going to show you where you are out of balance, so pay attention! Make whatever changes you need to make to keep yourself stable. Lightworkers are so needed now, that it is important for you to stay as stable and balanced as possible.

Now, my other piece of advice for this year is to spend time and do activities with your SPIRITUAL FAMILIES. If you do not yet know who your spiritual family is, if you do not have members in your life, it is time to find them. Your souls crave this! Your spiritual family is more important now than your physical family. This is because you are in a time of soul evolution that is very rapid, and most of your families of origin are not your spiritual families.

Find your kindred spirits, gather with them, spend time with them, even if it is only on the internet or in virtual gatherings. Find people you can communicate with and do it. Do group activities together, there is so much power in the group. So much power! There is nothing that cannot be accomplished with these groups.

As you find your soul groups, it is like coming home! It is like finding what your soul needs, the nourishment your soul needs, and this year your spiritual families will be more important than ever, ever before. You may even find that your physical families are no longer as much a part of your life as they used to be. But find these people who are truly your family, from a much higher perspective, and put some time into cultivating these relationships. It will pay off tremendously, and it will help you keep your balance.

There are many Lightworkers on the planet who are alone, who have not found those they would call spiritual family to nourish them. So reach out to these people, look on the internet if nothing else, or go to places where these people gather. This is the year of the gathering of the soul families!

There will be many changes this year and some of these changes will affect many, many people. But the more people are together in their intent of healing, the less the changes will affect you. Each of you! So find your center place of balance and strength and nourish it with your soul family. And enjoy the ride!

I thank you and you have my ultimate blessings upon all of you!

Copyright 2011 Antera and Omaran

Permission to share with others in its entirety with full source credit.

Center for Soul Evolution, see www.soulevolution.org for more channelings.

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